7 Reasons To Go With A Propane Powered Standby Generator

Standby generators are a great tool to have to keep your housing running during power outages, but what type of generator should you get? Though there are many different types, propane generators are the best choice. Here are seven reasons why you should choose a propane powered generator:

Easy access

When Hurricane Sandy hit the northeast in 2012, power was out for as long as 19 days in some areas. This not only affected homes, but also gas stations. Some couldn’t sell gas until power came back on, and those that could had long lines and supply problems. Unlike gas or diesel, propane can be stored on your property, meaning you can turn on the generator the moment you need it and not have to worry about running out of fuel.


Propane generators come in a wide array of sizes and power output levels. Typical home standby generators deliver up to 125 kilowatts of power. Most will turn on automatically after an outage and turn back off once power is restored.


The most important thing about a generator is that it works the moment you need it. Generators can go months without use. If, after all of that downtime, it doesn’t kick in when power goes out, it’s not of much use to you and your family.

Gas and diesel degrade over time, so generators powered by these sources may not work if they’ve been idle for too long. Propane doesn’t have this problem.

Less maintenance

As mentioned above, gas and diesel break down over time. Unfortunately, this degradation can also negatively impact the machinery. After a certain amount of time, machines using these fuel sources need serious work to keep them going.

Propane not only doesn’t break down, but it also burns cleaner than gas or diesel, putting less strain on the engine. As with any type of machinery, propane generators will need tune ups from time to time, but they will be less frequent and less costly than with other fuel sources.


Propane is kept in sealed tanks on your property, either above or below ground, reducing the risks of spillage. Propane is also non-toxic and not poisonous, so, if it does leak, it won’t contaminate the environment. Propane also has a much higher ignition point than either gas or diesel — 940 degrees Fahrenheit verses 430 and 500, respectfully — making it less of a fire risk.

Environmentally safe

Propane is recognized by the U.S. government as a clean fuel, as it produces fewer greenhouse gasses than either gas or diesel. As a result, a San Antonio research institute found that propane cuts smog from exhaust by up to 70 percent over other sources.


Propane is more than capable of running your home for a lower cost than other fuel options. Many homes regularly use propane to power everything from home heating to cooking needs, so it is more than enough to power your backup generator.

When purchasing a whole home standby generator, the choice is clear. Going with propane is more reliable, cost-effective and better for the environment. Schedule your free in-home energy consultation today to see how your home could benefit from a propane-powered standby generator.

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