Fireplaces have long been a favorite home feature among residents. More than 3 out of 5 homebuyers said the presence of a fireplace would impact their decision to put an offer on a home, and 35 percent of buyers said they’d pay as much as $5,000 more for a house equipped with one, according to Angie’s List.

Wood-burning fireplaces were listed as the preferred style, but gas fireplaces are quickly increasing in popularity. Now, nearly 70 percent of all hearth products are gas-burning, according to HouseLogic. Here are three scenarios that might convince you to make the switch:

When you’re tired of scooping ash out of the fireplace

After the wood fire burns down, there’s a messy chore to complete: Cleaning out the remains. The ash and soot must be removed to make room and provide a clean area for the next fire.

When you install gas fireplace logs, soot and ash become a thing of the past. Feel free to do away with your brush and shovel – you won’t need them anymore.

When someone in your family has a lung or respiratory problem

If you, your child, your partner or someone else living in your home has a lung or respiratory issue, including asthma or lung cancer, it’s important to take certain precautions. These may include investing in a quality air filter, opting against adopting furry pets, dusting often or refraining from lighting incense or candles.

A woman wearing a mask drinks a glass of water.If someone in your home has lung problems, a wood burning fireplace could become an irritant.

The American Lung Association pointed out that smoke from wood-burning stoves can also trigger asthma attacks, coughing or wheezing, and even heart attacks. Even for people with healthy lungs, smoke from burning wood can become a health concern, leading to problems like asthma or lung cancer. Young children and elderly people are the most at risk for these conditions. Replacing your wood-burning fireplace with gas inserts could make your home healthier for everyone.

When you’ve stamped out too many bugs living in your woodpile

For every wood-burning fireplace, there’s a wood pile. Convenient though it is to have your fuel within reach, your stack of wood also provides an attractive home for pests like carpenter ants and spiders. Whether you’re storing the wood in your basement, a back room or outside stacked against the home, these pests can easily move from the logs into your home. If you’ve noticed rows of ants marching through your house, or a few spiders taking up residence in your corners, it may be time to find an alternative.

With a gas fireplace, your fire’s fuel is still within reach, and much more easily accessed – simply flip a switch instead of strategically stacking your logs. Plus, with no need for a woodpile, ants, spiders and other pests will have fewer opportunities to infiltrate your home.

Have you decided it’s time to replace your wood fireplace with gas inserts? Reach out to SMO Energy for details on how to accomplish this project.