Say Goodbye to Power Outages with a Standby Generator

Regular maintenance of your home generator helps ensure you have power when you need it.
SMO offers full standby backup generator equipment and services in Annapolis, Prince George’s County, and Southern Maryland. We provide complete services including installation, gas piping, and fuel delivery.

We feature Kohler Standby generators, which provide ultimate durability, reliability, and performance. Each Kohler generator offers an unmatched 5 years/2000-hour warranty to protect you with years of dependable service. Standby backup generators are among the best power backup systems for complete 24/7 protection against power failure. These types of generators can be powered by propane fuel or natural gas, providing a reliable source of energy when you need it.

Features of Standby Generators

Powerful Generator

Whether you want to run just the essential items or power your entire home, Kohler offers sizes for all applications. Kohler generators have more starting power than competitors and can run all of your home appliances, including air conditioners and heat pumps up to 5 tons.


Kohler generators produce exceptionally clean voltage to protect your sensitive electronics. In most cases, their power is cleaner than what your utility company delivers.


Standby generators can be an attractive addition to your home. Kohler generators have a stylish housing as well as a 100% corrosion proof enclosure with a locking lid.

Premium Warranty

Generator comes with a 5-year, 2,000-hour warranty, and a corrosion-proof enclosure that's built to last.

Why Choose SMO for your Generator Installation?

We are a full-service provider for standby generators, including fuel and maintenance. We have Certified Master Gas Pipe Fitters available to guarantee your installation goes smoothly from the start. SMO will take care of the details. We will pull your permits and complete all legally required steps, so you don’t have to. Our installation team will complete all prep work, including laying the foundation, installing the piping and tank as well as outfitting your electrical system. Leave it to SMO, and we will back you up every step of the way.

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