Dangers Of An Empty Oil Tank

Hot summer temperatures can cause condensation to form on the inside of your tank. This causes “sludge” at the bottom of your tank, which can greatly reduce its lifespan and cause damage to your heating equipment.

What Does Condensation Do to The Inside of My Tank?

The less fuel that is in your tank, the more room there is for condensation during the heat of the summer months. When this moisture forms, it settles to the bottom of your tank and causes the bottom of your tank to rust. Over time this will cause the metal to deteriorate, posing a potential threat for leaks.

How Does This Damage My Heating Equipment?

When the inside of your heating oil tank begins to rust, it creates a rust sediment that gets mixed in with your heating oil. When you turn your heat on in the fall, this sediment gets pulled into your heating equipment and can cause serious problems for our equipment:

  • Complete breakdown of your heating system
  • Erratic or unpredictable operation of your heating system
  • Blocking and erosion of burner tips and mechanical parts
  • Loss of heat release

By their nature, oil tanks allow a collection of water, sediment, and sludge to build in a tank over its lifespan. If your tank is properly maintained, you can reduce the amount of water, sediment, and sludge to extend the life of your oil tank and heating equipment.

How Do I Prevent Damage to My Tank During the Summer?

The less fuel you have in your tank during the summer, the more room you’re leaving for condensation on the inside of your tank. Filling your heating oil tank right before summer starts leaves very little room for condensation to form inside your tank and can help prevent the inside of your tank from rusting.

Periodic inspections of your heating equipment and oil tank can also help detect any issues before they become major problems or an oil leak occurs. If your tank is 15 years old or older, a tank replacement would be in your best interest to prevent oil leaks and damage to your heating equipment. Our expert team of energy consultants can come to your home to provide a free consultation and estimate, and help you choose the right tank for your home.

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