Residential Heating Oil Prices in Maryland

The discussion on residential heating oil prices is always ongoing whether it’s winter or summer. At SMO Energy, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality heating oil at affordable prices year-round.

With more than 90 years of experience, we understand the power of these factors overheating fuel prices. That’s why we’ve developed techniques to keep our rates competitive and affordable for you and your family.

How We Keep Our Heating Oil Prices Affordable

At SMO Energy, we take a few steps to keep our heating oil prices within your budget:

  • Quick delivery — With our extensive fleet and dedication to your family, you can always count on *fast and convenient fuel delivery all year long.
  • Zero hidden charges — While some companies include hidden fees like hazmat or regulatory costs, our oil delivery prices are always transparent. All you pay for is your heating oil. No surprises.

While prices are a significant factor when shopping for heating oil, so is the quality of your fuel. Our heating oil is premium quality. To appeal to more consumers, many oil providers will offer cheap oil prices and inferior oil. The problem with low-quality oil is it doesn’t perform as well. It may burn faster, corrode your tank and more.

Choosing SMO Energy gives you peace of mind that your oil is high-quality, efficient and cost-effective. We always like to go the extra mile though, which is why we have another technique for lowering your home’s heating oil prices — SmartPay.

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Why SmartPay Helps Your Home’s Heating Oil Costs

SmartPay and SmartPay Plus are our free payment programs. Their goal is to lower your heating oil costs throughout the year. How? By calculating your expected annual fuel usage and then spreading those fuel costs across 12 months so your monthly bill is predictable and low.

SMO's SmartPay Technician

SmartPay Services from SMO

While both programs offer lower invoices and a .2 % rebate on account credit, SmartPay Plus offers a few additional benefits through its autopay features:

  • Paperless payments — The cost of checks and stamps adds up over time. We help you lower those miscellaneous expenses with autopay. Just have your heating oil costs deducted from your bank account or charged to your credit card.
  • Zero late fees — As an autopay program, SmartPay Plus eliminates the risk of overdue payments and late fees, which can save you money and make your life a little less busy — especially during the holiday season.

With these advantages, SmartPay and SmartPay Plus are favorites of the SMO Energy family.

What Factors Affect Heating Oil Costs?

When it comes to heating oil costs, several factors influence its price:

  • Seasonal demand — For many homeowners, heating oil prices are most noticeable during winter, as that is when demand is highest. Because winter is the peak usage period for heating oil, many providers will raise their rates and then lower them during summer — especially if their heating fuel supply is limited.
  • Crude oil prices — When the cost of crude oil increases, so does the cost of heating oil. Political and weather events can lead to sudden shifts in crude oil prices and then heating oil costs. Supply and demand also affect the going rate of crude oil.
  • Government regulations — Another factor affecting home heating oil prices are government regulations. New safety standards, for instance, can impact the prices producers charge to heating fuel providers. If new protocols are expected to decrease demand, they may scale down their production and increase fuel oil prices.
  • Location — For Marylanders, your home heating oil prices are not as susceptible to geography-based changes, since the Northeast has easy access to pipelines, supply depots and refineries that produce heating oil.
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At SMO Energy, we treat our customers like family. That’s why our heating oil costs are affordable and why we keep your bill low, whether through our SmartPay Budget Plan, free delivery or zero hidden fees. We’re always working for you. We provide heating oil delivery services to Anne Arundel, Prince George’s, Charles, Calvert, and St. Mary’s Counties! Call us today and ask about our new client discount.

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*No delivery fee applies to all deliveries 100 gallons or more, same day delivery is applicable to a $35 fee. **Same day and next day delivery service is subject to change based on weather conditions. Unsafe road conditions create an unnecessary risk to SMO drivers and the environment.
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