Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) plays an important role in your home’s comfort and your general health and wellbeing. When you consider that indoor air can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air, it is easy to see why making sure you have safe and sanitary air circulating throughout the home or office is critical.

Often poor indoor air quality is caused by improper ventilation or air circulation, air contaminants or inadequate temperature and humidity levels. Some common pollutants include radon (a cancer-causing gas that stems from soil and some building materials), smoke, mold, and heating systems and appliances, and household cleaning products.

Products for Improving Indoor Air Quality

There are a wide variety of IAQ products to choose from – all of which can help make your air cleaner and more comfortable, improve airflow and increase the efficiency of your HVAC system.

  • Dehumidifiers/Humidifiers: Humidifiers can be used in the winter to combat dryness. Dehumidifiers reduce humidity during the summer and decrease the risk of mildew or mold growth.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) systems: UV lights are installed in duct work to defend against contagious viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms. They prevent mold from growing on AC coils and airborne pollutants from circulating throughout the house. UV systems are often used in hospitals and nursing homes. They are particularly helpful in humid climates and for people with weak immune systems.
  • Electronic Air Cleaners: New electronic air cleaners capture airborne particles missed by older air filter systems. This includes pollutants and particles you cannot see (which is about 99 percent of all dust).

Why Choose SMO?
SMO Energy is a family-owned, full-service company that has been serving Southern Maryland, Prince George’s and Anne Arundel County since 1926.

Our energy consultants offer free-in-home appointments and estimates, as well as 0% financing. We’ll come to your home or office to assess your air quality needs, inspect HVAC equipment, help you choose the appropriate IAQ products based on your specific needs, and handle all installation and maintenance services.

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