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Furnaces heat your home by sending warm air through ducts. Boilers heat your home by sending steam or hot water through piping and radiators. If your home uses a boiler for heating, the boiler must be as energy-efficient as possible. In addition to letting you enjoy your home in comfort, an efficient boiler means lower energy bills.

At some point, you will likely need to replace the current boiler in your home. It could also be that you are using a different type of heating system and want to switch to a boiler. If you wish to install a boiler for the first time or replace an existing model in your home in Southern Maryland, SMO Energy can help.
We offer a range of boiler services, including:

  • Replacement Boiler
  • Boiler installation
  • Boiler maintenance

Get in touch with us today if you are interested in upgrading your boiler or if you want to keep your current boiler in excellent condition.


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    Why Choose SMO Energy for a Replacement Boiler?

    SMO Energy has been serving households in Southern Maryland since 1926. As a total home comfort provider, we do more than just replace boilers. We also deliver heating fuel to your home, can install or repair air conditioners and help to improve the indoor air quality of your home. Learn more about the services we provide and what makes us stand apart from the rest:

    heating systems
    • 24/7 emergency service. It is a fact of life that things tend to break at the worst possible moments. Your home’s boiler could run into trouble in the middle of a cold night. SMO Energy is pleased to be able to provide around-the-clock emergency services for heating equipment. No matter what day of the week or time of day, one of our certified technicians will come to you to fix your heat.
    • More than just boiler replacement. An ounce of prevention is sometimes worth a pound of cure. SMO Energy also offers regular maintenance of your boiler to keep it in excellent shape. You can sign up for a service agreement with us to protect your boiler. If you want to get a boiler for the first time, we can help you choose the best model and install it for you. If your home heating system uses oil or propane, we can deliver the fuel to your home and keep your tank full.
    • No hidden or delivery fees. If you decide to get heating oil or propane delivery from SMO Energy, you will not have to worry about paying hidden fees or delivery fees. We do not charge hazmat or regulatory fees. The price you are quoted is the price you pay.
    • Free monthly payment plans. We realize that the cost of keeping your home warm can be quite steep in the winter. That is why we offer a free monthly payment program, which splits the cost of heating fuel, your service agreement and tank lease fees into 12 smaller monthly payments. Spreading your payments out over the year can make paying for heating more manageable and budget-friendly.
    • Online services. SMO Energy makes it easy for you to manage your account online. We offer an online portal where you can pay your bills, review your billing history and schedule service requests.
    • Live client care representatives. Sometimes, it is refreshing to speak to a real person. SMO Energy has live client care representatives available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. and a dispatch team available 24/7.

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    Maintenance and Replacement Boiler FAQ

    Have questions about boiler replacement services or about getting a new boiler? We have answers.

    A boiler keeps your home warm by heating water and then sending the water or steam through pipes to the rest of your home. The heat comes out of steam radiators or baseboard radiators. In homes with a radiant heating system, the heat comes from coils on the floor or in the walls.

    Boilers can use a variety of sources of fuel, including heating oil, propane, natural gas and electricity. Depending on how old a boiler is, it can have an energy efficiency rating anywhere from 50 to 90%.

    Boilers are not any more dangerous than any other type of heating system. If a boiler is not maintained or cared for, there is the chance that something can go wrong with it, but the odds of pressure building up in a boiler and ultimately leading to a big explosion are incredibly low.

    If you notice anything strange going on with your boiler, your best bet is to call in a certified technician to take a look at it. Reasons to get your boiler checked out include a loud or unusual sound coming from it, a strange odor or the presence of soot around the boiler.

    A boiler heats water to keep your home warm, but it is not the same thing as a water heater. Using a boiler as your home’s heating system does not mean you do not also need a separate water heater. The only thing a water heater does is heat water for use in your home, such as for the laundry, dishwasher or shower.

    Several types of water heater exist, including conventional models with a tank to hold the heated water and “heat on-demand,” or tankless, models, which do not have a tank. A water heater can be powered by heating oil, gas or electricity.

    A boiler can have a lifespan of up to 30 years. Although a boiler can work for up to 30 years, there might be instances when it is a good idea to replace it sooner. You are likely to save money on heating costs if you replace an older boiler that is not very energy efficient, that is not sized right for your home or that regularly breaks down and needs repairs.

    In many cases, comparing the cost of replacing your current boiler to the cost of energy and maintenance can help you determine whether or not getting a new boiler is the best option.

    The cost of replacing a boiler in Southern Maryland can vary considerably based on a few factors. The type of boiler you choose will influence the overall price of replacement, for instance. The complexity of the installation also affects the cost. If you are replacing a different type of heating system with a boiler, it might cost more for the installation compared to if you were replacing an older boiler with a new model.

    During an energy consultation, a technician from SMO Energy will listen to your needs, recommend the right boiler for your home and discuss overall costs and financing options with you.

    SMO Energy offers 0% financing to qualified buyers of new heating equipment. We also offer financing with low rates and are happy to talk to you about your financing needs to make boiler replacement work with your household budget.

    You have just spent a lot of money on a new boiler, and it is only natural to want to protect your investment. SMO Energy offers service agreements and equipment coverage for HVAC equipment, including boilers. You do not need to set up propane or heating oil delivery with us to take advantage of our service agreements.

    Under the service agreement, we agree to repair or replace a variety of listed parts that become defective with normal wear-and-tear. We will also provide emergency service within five hours of your call. If you have an emergency and we do not respond within five hours, we will give you an account credit.

    If you have multiple boilers or other equipment from SMO Energy that you would like to protect, you have the option of combining or purchasing multiple service agreements.

    SMO Energy does more than install or replace boilers. We also install and repair other HVAC equipment, including furnaces, air conditioning systems and heat pumps. We can deliver propane or heating oil to your home and will also help you choose air purifiers to improve the indoor air quality.

    If you have any questions about improving the comfort of your home or about the services we offer, feel free to reach out and ask one of our energy experts and they’ll be happy to help you!
    Although replacing an old boiler makes the most sense in some cases, in others, you might be able to have the boiler repaired and extend its life. If your boiler is old, but you have not noticed that your energy bills have gone up, you might not need to replace it.

    SMO Energy offers maintenance services to help your boiler stay in excellent condition, even as it gets older. A regular tune-up and inspection can help you to spot any issues before they become major concerns.
    Several different types of boilers are available. They differ in terms of how they produce heat and the type of fuel they need to function. A steam boiler will heat water up to the boiling point, converting the water into steam. The steam then travels through pipes to the radiators of the home. A hot water boiler heats water, but not to the boiling point. Instead of steam going through a home’s pipes, the hot water itself gets distributed throughout the house, to the radiators.

    Since it does not get the water quite so hot, a hot water boiler often uses less energy than a steam boiler. Hot water boilers tend to be a bit quieter than steam boilers as well. A hot water boiler is also less likely to increase the humidity of a home compared to a steam boiler.

    Boilers also vary based on the type of fuel they use. An oil-fired boiler needs heating oil to run, while a gas-fired boiler can either run on natural gas or propane. The type of boiler that is right for your home depends on whether or not you have gas lines near your home.

    How to Know If You Need a New Boiler

    How do you know when it is time to replace your boiler? Your boiler will most likely give you a few signs that it needs attention or that it is time to get a new one.

    One thing to pay attention to is the age of your boiler. The older your boiler is, the more likely it is that it requires replacement. It can be helpful to calculate how much energy your current boiler uses and to compare that figure to the amount of energy a newer model would use. It is also useful to add up how much you are spending on repairs for your older boiler and compare those costs to the cost of getting new equipment. If your boiler is over 15 years old, it is most likely time to start thinking of replacing it.

    Another sign that your boiler needs replacement is if it starts to use more energy to heat your home. If you notice you are using more fuel or that your energy bills have gone up, it could be your boiler’s fault. A boiler that is on its last legs will often have to work harder to do its job effectively.

    Changes in the way your boiler functions can also be a sign that it is time for a new one. If your boiler starts shutting off or if you notice it leaking, that is usually a sign something is amiss. You might be able to have the boiler repaired, but in some instances, replacing it can be the more cost-effective option.

    Other signs it might be time for a new boiler include:
    • Uneven heat throughout your home.
    • Water spots on the floor near the boiler.
    • Loud or unusual sounds coming from the boiler.
    • Cold radiators, even when the boiler is turned on.

    Contact SMO Energy for Boiler Replacement or New Boiler Installation in Southern Maryland

    Your home’s boiler should keep you and your household toasty warm, even on the coldest of nights. If you have noticed a change in how your boiler works or have a boiler that is not working at all, it might be time to replace it. If you currently use a furnace or another heating system to heat your home, it might be a good idea to install a boiler instead.

    SMO Energy is happy to discuss your heating options with you and to guide you as you choose the equipment that best meets your needs. We have over 124 years of experience in home comfort, and we provide residential and commercial services in the following areas of Southern Maryland:

    • St. Mary’s County
    • Anne Arundel County
    • Prince George’s County
    • Charles County
    • Calvert County

    When you get in touch with us, we will schedule a free, in-home energy consultation to talk about your needs and to help you choose the right equipment. We will answer your questions about boilers vs. furnaces or about boilers vs. water heaters and guide you through the process of installing, repairing or replacing equipment.

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