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Residential Fuel Delivery in Southern Maryland​

Delivering to Southern Maryland since 1926​

When temperatures drop in Southern Maryland, you need a fuel delivery service you can trust and a provider that is efficient, dependable and easy to work with. For fuel delivery in Southern Maryland, look no further than SMO Energy. We are and locally operated, and it shows in the values we hold. With friendly and accessible live client care representatives and highly trained and certified technicians, we put your experience and safety at the top of our list. We serve Southern Maryland residents across St. Mary’s County, Anne Arundel County, Prince George’s County, Charles County and Calvert County.

SMO Energy has been a leading provider of heating oil and propane since 1926, and with our commitment to customer care, it is easy to see why. Not only do we deliver high-quality heating fuel, but we also offer a wide variety of additional services and flexible options, such as automatic delivery. We work hard to provide you with courteous and efficient service at the best value. From tank installation and removal to 24/7 emergency services and online account access, SMO Energy is your source for propane and heating oil delivery in Southern Maryland.


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Switching Heating Fuel Providers

You may already have a provider to help you heat your home, so why switch? Our skilled staff at SMO Energy does more than just heating oil and propane delivery. Our comprehensive range of services include:

  • Repairs and servicing
  • Equipment sales
  • Free annual tune-ups with our service agreements
  • Tank installation and removal
  • Free energy consultations and estimates
  • 24/7 emergency service

When you switch to SMO Energy, you get the expertise that comes with being in business since 1926. Our drivers put safety and care at the forefront of their service and all of our delivery drivers attend monthly safety training. We also know not to surprise you with hidden fees -- the price you pay is the price we quoted you. One major benefit of switching to SMO Energy is our flexible options for payments, deliveries and budgeting. We provide several bill pay options, and we can set up automatic, will-call or scheduled deliveries. We also offer a convenient budget plan through our SmartPay program.

Automatic & Scheduled Delivery Options

As a top-notch delivery company, we offer a variety of options, so we can reach you when you need us, and you do not have to worry about being left out in the cold. Our options include:

  • Automatic: One of the most convenient approaches is to set up automatic delivery. We will monitor your tank and ensure you do not run out of fuel.
  • Scheduled: For a more consistent pattern of delivery, we can set up a recurring delivery that fits your schedule.

If you prefer to monitor your tank, you can also call us whenever you need a refill. Will-calls can also be useful if inclement weather is heading in or if you want to snag some lower prices before cold temperatures drive them up.

Same Day/Next Day Fuel Delivery Service*

If you find yourself running dangerously low on fuel, we offer same- and next-day delivery** to keep you warm. This service applies to both propane tanks and heating oil. Whether you have used more fuel than usual, a big winter storm is rolling in or you simply forgot about it, we can get to you fast. Our extensive delivery fleet allows us to provide this to our service area. Whether you live in Anne Arundel County, St. Mary's County or anywhere in between, our same- and next-day service can keep your home warm without interruption.

SmartPay Program: A Budget Plan for Your Fuel Purchases​

Our SmartPay program is an excellent way to keep your monthly payments predictable and more manageable and one of the biggest benefits of this program is that you will never end up with one large hearing bill when you receive a delivery. SmartPay spreads your payments out throughout the year, making them even and much more budget-friendly. These charges also incorporate any costs associated with your service agreement and tank leasing fees. It is free to sign up and calculates low monthly payments based on your delivery history. If you use more or less than initially budgeted, we can adjust your payment amounts or provide a refund as needed.

With SmartPay, you can avoid any surprises from usage spikes or higher costs in the winter. You can also stay on top of your budgeting with autopay options and our referral program. With the referral program, you can earn money back for telling friends and family about us.

man delivering heating fuel

What You Get When You Choose SMO Energy Heating Fuels​

SMO Energy is the go-to delivery company for top-quality heating oil and propane, along with excellent customer care. Other benefits you get when you choose us include:

24/7 emergency service

SMO Energy does more than deliver fuel. As a total home comfort provider, we can replace or repair heating equipment, set you up with a new air conditioner and help to improve your home's air quality.

No hidden or delivery fees

With SMO Energy, the price you are quoted is the price you will pay for heating oil delivery. We do not tack on surprise fees or charge hazmat or regulatory fees for delivery.

Online services

There is no need to hunt around for a stamp or make a trip to the post office when you work with SMO Energy. We offer a free online portal where you can pay your bill, make service requests, review past bills or schedule your next fuel delivery.

More than just fuel deliveries

SMO Energy does more than deliver fuel. As a total home comfort provider, we can replace or repair heating equipment, set you up with a new air conditioner and help to improve your home’s air quality.

Free monthly payment plans

Instead of having to pay the full price for a fuel delivery upfront, SMO Energy lets you divide the cost of your fuel up into equal monthly payments. Our free monthly payment plans help you work the cost of fuel into your household’s overall budget. We work with you to make it more affordable to keep your home comfortable.

Live client care representatives

Even with the convenience of online services, sometimes it is nice to speak to a real, live person. SMO Energy has a team of highly-trained, live client care representatives who are always available to take your call and to work with you to solve any issues. Whether you want to schedule your next delivery or have a question about your equipment, we are happy to speak with you.

Heating and Oil: Frequently Asked Questions

Residential or home heating oil refers to a highly refined petroleum-based oil. It is a form of liquified petroleum, or LP, gas. Chemically, it is similar to diesel fuel, but they are differentiated through their intended use. Heating oil receives a red dye that shows it is exempt from the federal, state and local taxes that apply to fuel for road use.

Heating oil costs can vary widely based on current crude oil prices, demand and your home’s location. Prices can especially fluctuate in winter months, but you may be able to order fuel before the temperatures drop to avoid some of the highest costs, or use our SmartPay program to make it more manageable.

For a real-time look at heating oil prices in your area, you can try out our fuel cost tool. Enter your zip code to see local home heating oil prices. You can view the current price of heating oil per gallon in MD.

You probably will not have to worry about heating oil that has gone bad unless you have left your tank unused for several years. A tank that is in good condition and has no corrosion, rust, dirt or debris can help keep your oil fresh. Water is something else to look out for. If water enters a tank, it can cause bacteria growth and contribute to the formation of sludge.

Heating oil that has a foul odor, which is not something you’ll find with freshly delivered oil, has probably gone bad or been contaminated. Our technicians can evaluate your oil if you are not sure about the quality.

Most of the regularly-used appliances in your home will run well on propane gas. You can power your hot water heater, dryer, stove and HVAC furnace with propane.

Yes, a natural gas appliance can run on propane, but it does require converting a few internal parts. These changes compensate for the difference in pressure since propane is at a higher pressure than gas. Only some appliances are designed for conversion, however, and they will be labeled appropriately. They may come with a conversion kit as well.

One thing that is important to note that any conversions not specifically mentioned for your appliance may impact your warranty or insurance.

Generators can handle a variety of fuel types, but most run on propane. Also, the fuel doesn’t go bad, so if you only need to power it on once a year during a snowstorm, you know that your fuel is still good.

We offer local fuel delivery and commercial fuel delivery throughout Southern Maryland, across St. Mary’s County, Anne Arundel County, Prince George’s County, Charles County and Calvert County. If you are not currently a customer of SMO Energy, give us a call today! It’s quick and easy to set up an account with us and you can start receiving fuel deliveries right away.

SMO Energy offers two free payment plan options: SmartPay and SmartPay Plus. With SmartPay, you can spread out your payments throughout the year, keeping charges more consistent and avoiding large bills. With SmartPay Plus, you can set up automatic payment options such as a credit card draft. SmartPlay Plus provides all the benefits of SmartPay, with the added benefit of being able to use bank drafts.

SMO Energy offers several delivery options including automatic, scheduled and same-day/next-day delivery for heating fuel and propane. You can also take advantage of our SmartPay program for either option, as well as our 24/7 heating oil emergency delivery services.

Take Advantage of Our Referral Program​

SMO Energy is and locally operated, with the values that go along with that kind of ownership. We know how useful the input of trusted friends and family can be, which is why we have developed a referral program that rewards you for helping a friend switch to SMO Energy. When you refer someone to us, you can earn up to $100, subject to the terms of the program.

Not only can you put a little extra money in both of your pockets, but you also get to set your friends and family up with a leading Southern Maryland fuel company. You can rest easy knowing that their home comfort is in good hands.

Schedule a Fuel Delivery With SMO Energy​

SMO Energy takes our 90+ years of expertise as a delivery company and applies it to your home. We can bring you top-quality fuel at an excellent value, whether it involves heating oil or propane tanks. In addition to heating oil delivery or propane delivery, we can conduct service and repairs your equipment may need as well as energy consultations and 24/7 heating oil emergency delivery services. Our NATE-certified technicians work to bring safety and efficiency to your HVAC system. Making things as easy as possible for you is one of our goals. With a variety of online features and automatic delivery options, you can set up services when, where and however it works best for you.

Our service area covers several regions in Maryland, including:

  • St. Mary’s County
  • Anne Arundel County
  • Prince George’s County
  • Charles County
  • Calvert County

If you need to heat your home in any of the above areas, please reach out to a representative today to find out more about our services or to schedule a free energy consultation. Try out SMO Energy to see firsthand what makes our customer care and service quality first-class.

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*No delivery fee applies to all deliveries 125 gallons or more, same day delivery is applicable to a $50 fee Monday – Friday or $75 on Saturday and Sunday.

**Same day and next day delivery service are subject to change based on weather conditions. Unsafe road conditions create an unnecessary risk to SMO drivers and the environment.