Converting to Propane

Are You Ready to Save Green AND Be Green?

Are you scared to see your heating bill this winter? Are you looking for ways to save money? Do you wish you could help the environment? Now is the time to CHANGE to propane. Converting a home to propane is a straightforward, easy process that will leave you with lower energy bills and a cleaner environment. The average conversion takes 2 days and you could have a new system installed in as little as two weeks.

Switching from heating oil to propane means upgrading to a propane-based Hybrid System. These systems consist of a heat pump that is primarily fueled by propane and has a fossil fuel backup.

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Why Switch to Propane?

There are many reasons why switching to a propane system is a good investment:

Better Efficiency

New propane appliances are typically 97% efficient - compared to the usual 56% efficiency of 20 year old heating oil appliances.

Better for Your Wallet

With a hybrid system, you'll enjoy increased efficiency and less volatile pricing - which means smaller, more consistent energy bills.

Better Maintenance

Propane systems are less expensive and cleaner to maintain.

Better Versatility

Heat your home, cook your food, dry your clothes, heat your water, light your fireplace, and have back-up power too!

Better Resale

When it comes time to move, propane-powered homes often have a higher resale value.

Better for the Environment

Reduce your average carbon emissions output by 2.5 tons - annually.

Better for America

95% of propane used in America is produced in America - help reduce dependence on foreign oil.

Better with SMO

We are propane experts and we'll make it easy for you to switch. Receive up to $1,000 off when you switch from fuel oil to propane.

What are the key differences between an oil system and a hybrid system?

Compared to an older oil-fueled system, a new propane hybrid system is better for your home and your wallet:

oil only vs hybrid system

*Calculations are based on a 2,500 square foot home for family of four using a 5-year average of the Maryland Residential Utility rates as reported by the Energy Information Administration.

How Do I Switch To A Propane System?

Switching from a heating oil system to propane is easy. We’ve outlined the 3 basic steps below:

  1. Contact SMO to schedule your FREE in-home energy consultation. One of our expert consultants will look at your current system and ask you questions about your home comfort needs. He/she will then recommend the best equipment and system to meet your  budget and keep you comfortable in your home. We are now offering new Touchless Sales Calls to reduce contact during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to learn more about our Touchless Sales Calls and our current safety protocol.
  2. Choose the system that best fits your home and your goals. Your energy consultant will provide you with different options you have for switching to propane. You will be provided with details on each of these options to help you decide what works best for you.
  3. Relax and let SMO handle your entire installation! Once you’ve chosen your new hybrid or propane system, you can sit back and relax while SMO takes care of the rest! We will handle all aspects of the installation including permits and inspections. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your new system!

Do you offer discounts for switching to propane?

We sure do! For switching from heating oil to propane, we’ll give you $1,000 off your new propane hybrid system! Along with our great financing options, we also offer 0% interest and $0 payments for 12 months. Click here to view all of our current specials and ask your energy consultant about which ones can be applied to your new propane system.

What else can I use propane for?

Propane is a very versatile fuel. You can use it in many other areas of your home that can help you save money and the environment. You can use propane for:

One of our favorite ways to use propane (other than with a hybrid or propane heating system) is with a propane-fueled tankless water heater. By using propane with a tankless water heater, you can reduce your overall household energy bills by up to 40% and can reduce water heating costs by 40%-60%. You can also avert up to 1,470 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions – abou the same amount of carbon dioxide that a standard passenger car emits in seven weeks.

Now is the time to save money and save the environment  by making the change to propane. Fill out the form on this page or call us at 888-222-3720 to schedule your FREE in-home energy consultation today!

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