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How A Heat Pump Can Help You Save Money All Year Long

If you’re looking for a simple way to save on your energy bills, you should consider using a heat pump. Heat pumps help you save money without sacrificing comfort. While it may have the word “heat” in the name, a heat pump can help you in both hot and cold weather. It can also at times perform more efficiently than an air conditioner or a more traditional heater. Heat pumps work best in moderate climates.

How a Heat Pump Works

A heat pump functions by moving heat from one area to another. This is also how most air conditioning units work. The main difference between the two is that heat pumps do more to keep the house comfortable all year long.

In cold weather, a heat pump extracts warm air from outside and moves it inside to warm the home. Even when it’s cold outside, there is still warm air present. The heat pump is able to transfer it into the home where it’s needed. In warm weather, it reverses the heat extraction process, taking heat from the inside of the house and releasing it outside. That way, the air inside stays cool when it’s warmer outside.

By heating and cooling a home using a small amount of energy, a heat pump is a very efficient way of keeping your home comfortable all year. A heat pump works with an air handler or a furnace to distribute air throughout the home. When the season changes from heating to cooling, you only need to make a few simple adjustments to prepare.

For a closer look at how a heat pump operates, watch this video from Lennox:

Saving Money

Using a heat pump can save you money because it’s so much more efficient than other types of equipment. A heat pump does not use as much energy as other units because it simply moves warm air around rather than producing heat. In addition, with a heat pump you don’t need to install separate systems for heating and cooling. You can rely on this one amazing unit for every season.

In order to determine if a heat pump is efficient or not, you need to look at two separate rating systems:


A heat pump’s heating efficiency is measured by the Heating Season Performance Factor, or HSPF. It measures the ratio of heat output over the season and the amount of energy used. An HSPF rating of 8-10 would indicate an efficient unit.


When it comes to providing cooling for the home, a heat pump’s efficiency is measured by by the SEER system. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. SEER measures cool air output versus energy input, or the total cooling benefit you get compared to the total energy used. New units must carry a SEER of 13.0 or better, but the rating can go as high as 23.0.

Even if you already have a heat pump, they should be replaced if they’re at least 10 years old. New heat pump units are far more efficient than older models.

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