Moving into a new home involves a lot of coordination. Between finalizing the purchase of the home, boxing up all your possessions and finally moving in, it’s important not to neglect setting up utilities.

Figuring out how to set up utilities when buying a house involves plenty of moving parts in and of itself. If you’ve never used propane for heating or power, moving into a home that does may seem even more complex. If this is the case, choosing a propane supplier should be one of your top priorities for getting your home’s heating system and appliances in working order.

Here’s what to look for in a residential propane supplier:

A Good Reputation in the Community

One of the most important things to keep in mind when looking for the right propane supplier is their track record for compliance and safety. Propane can be an effective way to heat your home and a reliable energy source, but it can also become dangerous if used or stored improperly. Look for companies with a good reputation for safety and that are experts in compliance.

A propane tank is installed in a big back yard.If you have a propane tank in your new back yard, you’ll need to identify a quality propane supplier.

Convenient Delivery Without Hidden Fees

Seek out a company that has convenient delivery options that suit your lifestyle and needs. You might opt for automatic delivery, which means your propane supplier will show up to fill your tank on a predetermined schedule based on your propane usage. This option doesn’t require you to make appointments or worry too much about your propane levels, because you know your provider will come around to top off your tank before you have a chance to empty it.

If you’d rather monitor your propane usage yourself and schedule propane deliveries as needed, look for a company that offers quick service. Same-day or next-day deliveries are always convenient, especially when you realize your tank is low but the forecast predicts a brutal winter storm in the near future. While some companies do offer these services, they come with high costs; make sure to look into pricing for various delivery options. Select a trustworthy company that won’t stick you with surprise charges.

Specialists With Your Best Interest in Mind

If you’re not very familiar with using propane in your home, it’s hard to know whether you have the right tank, the best propane home heating equipment or even if everything is installed correctly. A supplier can answer any and all questions you have, and even some of the questions you didn’t think of. They’ll be able to review your system and point out areas that could use an adjustment.

Choose a Propane Supplier in Your Area

Finally, the right residential propane supplier for your new home will be one that offers convenient service in your area. For homeowners in Prince George’s, Mary’s, Charles, Calvert and Anne Arundel counties, SMO Energy is an excellent option. We know the specific needs of Southern Maryland homes and have the expertise to help you get propane set up correctly.

Additionally, we can recommend the best propane home heating equipment and propane-powered appliances for your new house. When it’s time to install or set up new equipment, we have your back – our service experts can come out to your home and connect all related appliances to your tank. Plus, as your system ages, our experts can inspect and perform maintenance on your home heating system.

Last Updated on February 4, 2020 by chelsea