When the temperatures get hot, people search for the most effective ways to keep their homes cool and comfortable. Many homeowners without central air conditioning systems elect to utilize windows units to cool their homes and apartments. However, these homeowners may be better off installing a ductless mini split unit in their properties. Take a look below to find out why:

Window Units Are the Least Effective Form of AC Installation on the Market

Window units are mini air conditioning devices that are installed in one of the window frames in a room. They are simplistic to operate and straightforward to install, but they are actually an ineffective means of cooling your home. Because they are installed in one room of the property, they do not keep the whole area of the home very cool. In fact, homes with window units are often very cold in the room where the window unit is located and 5 to 10 degrees hotter in other areas of the home. Moreover, these units must be removed during the winter, so that the windows can be shut and the heating unit can be turned on.

Imagine having to set up the window units every summer and take them down again when the weather turns chilly. It is not an efficient option for those short on time or people who may be incapable of this kind of labor. Additionally, window units promote air bleed, which is when the cool air escapes out of the gaps between the window frame and the unit. This gap also creates the possibility for warm air to enter the home, thereby forcing the unit to work harder to cool the space down. Window units are also a poor option for homeowners with allergies. It is common for mold to collect on the outside of the unit, allowing irritating spores to be blown directly into the living and working space.

Why Window Units Are Not What Homeowners Want

On average, air conditioning accounts for 15 percent of a home’s energy usage. The air leakage and wasted energy caused by a window unit can lead to higher energy costs. Window units also require replacement or repair with age, meaning the money homeowners save by selecting a window unit over a ductless system will later be applied to purchasing a new unit or repairing the old one. If you choose not to replace the window unit, it will lose power as it ages, leaving your home warm and uncomfortable. Many homeowners also complain that window units are unattractive compared to other options and they interfere with the view of the outside, with an unwelcoming, industrial look.

Benefits of Having a Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner

Ductless mini-split air conditioners are an excellent alternative for homeowners who do not want to install a central air conditioning system but prefer a more energy-efficient option than window units. Ductless air conditioners are installed in one room of the home, giving you more control over the energy consumed. They are also relatively simple to install, and they will be placed out of the way. Mini-split systems are also simpler to clean than window units, so the air quality is better with ductless air conditioners.

Just because the temperatures are high does not mean you have to sweat over which air conditioner to use. Regardless of looking for a mini-split or adding central air to your home, give us a call, and the experts will help you decide which option is best for you. You can also schedule a free energy consultation today.

Last Updated on May 18, 2021 by SMO Energy