How to Get Air Conditioning When You Heat Your Home With a Boiler

If you use a boiler to heat your home during the winter, you may be wondering if it is possible to add air conditioning for the hot summer months. This can be a concern for many homeowners with boilers because their homes usually do not have all of the ductwork necessary for a central air conditioner system. While boilers are great at keeping you warm during the winter, this time of year you are much more concerned about keeping cool.

Are you still able to achieve cool airflow during hot summers? The short answer to that question is yes. You might think an intense home improvement project is in order to allow cool air to circulate in your home, but you are in for a pleasant surprise.

The good news is that it’s possible to add air conditioning to your home, even if you do not have the proper ductwork. One way to get around the lack of proper ductwork is through the installation of a ductless mini-split cooling system.

What Is a Ductless Mini-Split Cooling System?

This split system is a combination of a condenser and one or more air handlers. The outdoor condenser and indoor air handlers are connected through a small hole in the wall. A mini-split system can help keep your home cool if you use a boiler for heat.

How does it work? A mini-split system enables a homeowner to enjoy results similar to those gained by installing an air conditioning unit — without the disruption to their home. These devices will help you bridge the gap between seasons through the use of a condenser and an air handler. The air handler installs easily onto your wall, and there is no need for window units or extensive ductwork throughout your home.

Understanding the Condenser and Air Handler

The condenser usually stays outside of the home, similar to an air conditioning unit. The condenser cools air off, and the air handler distributes it inside the home. Since this is not a central air conditioning system, one air handler will not cool your entire home. Multiple air handlers are installed throughout different parts of your home and can connect to the outside condenser. About 4 indoor air handlers can connect to a single outdoor condenser.

During summer months, the condenser will extract the hot air that builds up in your home, which is what normally creates a “stuffy” feeling. You can think of the condenser as the heart of a mini-split system, as it is where most of the cooling operation takes place. Depending on your home setup, it is best to place your outdoor condenser as close to the air handlers as possible.

During the installation of a ductless mini-split system, small holes of about 3 inches guide the conduit housing from the condenser to air handlers in different rooms. The conduit paths carry refrigerant tubing and link the outdoor and indoor units together successfully.

Once cool air is ready for distribution, air handlers will give you control over the temperature of the air in your home. This component is where you will find thermostat settings, an evaporator coil, a blower motor, filters and other electrical components. For air conditioning purposes, air handlers will allow the transport of cool air to your home, while the pathways keep humidity out for a more comfortable feel throughout your space.

If your boiler ever breaks down temporarily, mini-split systems can also heat your home. The condenser will act in a similar manner and pull heat from your home to filter it inside via air handlers. The heating will not be as strong as that generated by your boiler, but this process will become helpful in the case of an emergency.

Temperature of Your Indoor Air: Advantages

If there are certain areas that you would like to cool, such as the bedroom and living room, you can install multiple air handlers. Since you are only cooling off spaces you need, you can save energy with this system.

Ductless mini-split systems add cooling convenience at a friendly price point. These installations are simple and will give you the flexibility of zoning airflow to specific rooms. With each room having its own thermostat, you can cut energy costs by cooling rooms only when they are occupied.

Mini-split systems give you the option to suspend air handlers from the ceiling, mount them to walls or keep them close to the floor based on preference. Installation is quick, and cool airflow will not escape through ducts or window units like with other systems.

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