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Ready or not, winter is right around the corner. And while swapping out light jackets for heavier ones is a good start to keeping warm, there are steps you should be taking to ensure that the temperature in your home isn’t similar to the one outside. Your main focus should be your home’s furnace, which keeps your home warm by drawing in cool air and sending it through a return air duct to be heated and dispersed throughout. Furnaces make life a little easier in the harshest of winters, but that does not mean that they do not require a little maintenance.

Check Your Furnace Filters

Your furnace requires filters so that it does not distribute dust and debris, both of which can accumulate on the vents, throughout your home. The filter will catch these particles before they can either harm your furnace or spread through your house. Most experts recommend changing your filter every month or two, depending on usage. However, you should check your filters frequently to ensure that they have not collected an obstructive amount of dust, as this can hinder your furnace’s performance.

Ensure All Vents Are Unobstructed

What is the point of turning on a furnace when there are blocked vents in a home? These make your unit work harder to achieve the programmed temperature, and in turn, raise your energy bills. Covered vents can also be a fire hazard, as items atop the vents can become too heated and catch fire, or the backed up hot air can combust in the furnace itself. Before winter strikes and you need to use your furnace, do a quick assessment of all the vents in your home. If there is furniture or other objects blocking the vents, rearrange them so that the outputs are clear. Doing this will allow your unit to work as it needs to without the risk of endangering your family.

Have Your Furnace Professionally Cleaned and Inspected

According to Angie’s List, nearly 75 percent of all HVAC service calls regarding furnaces could have been prevented with regular maintenance. Furnaces are a vital appliance for any modern home, but they have many components. Many of these pieces rely on the next for the whole mechanism to function. By having your furnace inspected by a HVAC professional regularly, your machine will likely operate without problems and have a longer life span. It is suggested that you seek an inspection at least once a year.

Your furnace makes your home a respite from the frigid outdoors. Because it works so hard for you, you should return the favor by making sure it is kept in good condition. Remember to change the filters and get it serviced regularly. Contact us today to learn more about furnace inspections and care.