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Lennox vs. Carrier vs. Trane Review

When you buy a new central air conditioner, you want to invest your money in the best brand available. Making your decision requires plenty of research on manufacturers and reading reviews.

At SMO Energy, we want to empower you with our expertise and reliable information so that you can choose the best central air conditioner for your home. This guide will explain the main differences between Lennox, Carrier and Trane, including seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) and reliability.

Lennox Air Conditioners Reviews

Lennox has been satisfying clients with home climate control solutions since they made the first steel-riveted furnace in 1895. Their history of satisfying clients with quality products led to their desire to reduce the energy air conditioners use in clients’ homes. Their basic models have lower SEER scores, but each of the units on their site has at least a four-star rating from clients. Lennox advertises their units as the most efficient and quiet air conditioners available.

Carrier AC

Like Lennox, Carrier’s claim that their founder manufactured the “first modern air conditioner” in 1902 makes them one of the most authoritative brands in the industry. Carrier sells air conditioners that cater to a wide range of budgets, and their prices are sorted by the unit’s series. While the most basic option has half the efficiency of the most extravagant one, Carrier was one of five manufacturers that received an “excellent” rating for reliability in Consumer Report’s 2019 survey.

Trane AC

Unlike the other two brands, Trane sticks to model numbers instead of listing their products in series. Trane considers themselves to be “America’s Most Trusted HVAC System.” With sleek options that appeal to a client’s focus on efficiency, volume or value, Trane is an industry leader for premiere air conditioning units. Their site claims that running high-efficiency Trane units can cut energy costs in your household by up to 62%.

Lennox vs. Carrier AC

When you compare Lennox and Carrier central air conditioners, they have several similarities. Both brands make high-efficiency models and have great ratings for reliability. In fact, most of their features are comparable. Six Lennox models ranked on the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient list of central air conditioners. Two Carrier models made the same list.

The other factor in comparing Lennox vs. Carrier centers around installation. Even the highest-quality central air conditioner is only as reliable as the professional who installs it. When you buy a Carrier unit, the company requires your contractor to be certified by Carrier. This exclusivity ensures a quality installation and comes with an impressive 10-year warranty if you register within 90 days. Lennox’s warranties depend on the model and components of your unit.

Carrier vs. Trane

Trane’s air conditioners come with a limited 10-year warranty on most of their units’ components. 

Like Carrier, Trane regulates who can install their central air units. Unlike Carrier and Lennox, all Trane’s air conditioners have a SEER of at least 14.5, which keeps their units in the entry-level to high-efficiency range. Four of Trane’s air conditioning units are featured on the ENERGY STAR efficiency list, placing them between Carrier and Lennox. 

Carrier’s prices are hard to predict because they vary based on the model you buy and its installation. With installation costs added, most Trane models are more expensive than the average Carrier model with a SEER of 17.

Trane vs. Lennox

Trane’s pricing is more straightforward than Lennox’s. The final price for a Lennox unit depends on installation, ductwork and other outside factors. Trane’s units are, on average, equally as expensive or more costly than Lennox air conditioners.

Lennox encourages clients to use North American Technician Excellence (NATE)-certified installers to place their units. However, NATE certification comes from a separate entity that tests an installer’s knowledge about industry products. Since NATE certification is not exclusive to Lennox, more contractors can compete for installations of their products.

Install the Best Central Air Conditioner

Who installs your air conditioning unit is just as important as what brand you buy. This detail affects the quality of your installation and the longevity of your unit. Also, professionals who sell several kinds of air conditioners instead of focusing on one brand are more likely to be honest with you about your choice.

At SMO Energy, our trained professionals provide installation, maintenance and repair services to clients in Southern Maryland. We will consult with you and help you choose the best model and brand based on the features you are looking for in your air conditioning unit. Whether you’re seeking a Lennox, Trane or Carrier, you can get your air conditioner from us. Our goal is to satisfy your wants while giving you the air conditioning unit you require. 

As a full-comfort home service provider, we offer our clients additional services to meet all their needs. Are you looking for a new central air conditioner? Contact SMO Energy today to request a free estimate!