Simple ways to take your business green

Going green is a hot topic today. It is an issue that many people are very passionate about, and it has led a number of businesses to make an effort to go green as well. In addition to saving the environment, taking the initiative to be more environmentally friendly can be a huge public relations boost for your business and can save your company money. If you are interested in making your business greener, check out some of the tips below:

Swap out lighting 
In the average office, the lights are on for more than 12 hours a day. That is a lot of energy consumption. By switching bulbs and strip lighting to LED or energy-efficient options, you can cut out a major source of waste. You can even convert some of the lighting to sensors in rooms that are used less frequently. This way, when no one is in the room, the lights will go off.

“Institute a recycling program to reduce paper waste.”

Get rid of paper waste
A major source of waste in offices comes in the forms of paper products. Try to encourage employees to limit printing and other forms of paper use. You should also institute a recycling program to make sure the used documents or files are not thrown in the garbage. You can also invest in a set of company ceramic mugs to place in the kitchen. This will allow your employees to get the coffee and water they want without creating unnecessary waste. One added bonus is that your new mugs could encourage brand loyalty within your organization.

Offer incentives for public transportation 
Driving is a notoriously environmentally detrimental practice. If your office is in an area that is accessible by public transportation, you can offer rewards for employees who utilize it instead of driving. For example, you could offer to pay part or all of the cost of a monthly pass for commuters. If that is not an option, you could do an in-office reward system such as offering an extra PTO day to employees who ride the bus or take the subway.

Invest in energy efficient heating and cooling options 
Even though heating and cooling systems are big consumers of energy, you need your employees to be comfortable in the office. While you may not be able to eliminate this form of energy consumption, you can select greener options. One of these is to replace old equipment with more energy-efficient options.

Partner with green allies 
Another way to go green is to conduct business with other environmentally conscious companies. You can buy paper from companies who make their products from recycled materials, employ technology services who handle electronic waste responsibly and delivery services that plan their routes to consume the least amount of fuel. A little research should tell you which organizations are making the efforts to go green, and pairing with these businesses can take your own efforts the extra mile.

If your company is ready to go green, you may find that you will not only save energy but you could save money as well. To find out more about the move to more energy efficient appliances and HVAC systems, you can contact SMO Energy to help you. The experts can offer suggestions about how to make going green easiest for your business and help you select energy efficient appliances to aid in your efforts.

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