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Colder weather is fast approaching, and for homeowners in colder regions of the country, that means it’s time to consider the best heating options. Heating has come a long way since the time of wood-burning stoves; There are a number of more efficient, cleaner selections to choose from, but it’s important to consider each option carefully to decide which one would most benefit your family. Take a look at the top-performing ways to heat your home this winter.


In the early years of this decade, propane was the most popular method for heating homes. While it is declining in popularity, propane is still one of the cleanest and least expensive fuels. The Christian Science Monitor reported that the average cost for heating a home with propane in the Midwest is $1,534. By installing a high-efficiency propane furnace or boiler, you can reduce energy costs even more. SMO Energy specializes in the installation of these appliances. Contact a specialist today to begin using propane in your home.

Solar Energy

Solar energy has been dramatically increasing in popularity in the past decade. It is the most energy-friendly heating option, but the initial cost to install solar panels can be a bit off-putting for some homeowners. The average home requires the installation of roughly $30,000 worth of solar panels to generate enough working energy, according to HGTV. However, the tax breaks and energy savings over the lifetime of a solar panel often make up the difference.

Though the initial installation cost is high, the power generated by solar panels more than makes up for it.

Natural Gas

The installation of natural gas furnaces costs roughly the same as propane furnaces. However, the cost of natural gas will vary depending on your location. In terms of environmental friendliness, the Farmers Almanac reported that there is no smoke or mess produced by natural gas, but it can only be used in a ventilated location. If natural gas is used in an area with poor ventilation, homeowners run the risk of experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning.


While some homeowners report that electric heating is not as effective as other options, its use is still on the rise. According to the Christian Science Monitor, roughly one-third of homes in the U.S. use electricity to heat their homes. Many of these houses are located in the Northeast. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average household will pay an about $930 per month on electric heating. Of course, those prices will vary based on geographical location.

However you choose to heat your home, it’s important to consult with energy experts to ensure you are making the best decision possible. Contact SMO Energy for your free energy consultation today. The experts at SMO can walk through your home to determine the most effective heating method and offer suggestions on how to improve your energy-efficiency.