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If your air conditioner system is being repaired, you and your family may have to get creative about keeping cool for a bit. Follow these tips to stay comfortable while you and your family wait for your air conditioning repairs.

Go to the movies or a museum

Summer blockbusters are out, so there’s no better time for you and your family to enjoy an air conditioned movie theater. You can also visit local museums, which are usually air conditioned as well.

Head out to the pool

If you and your family have your own pool, lucky you! Otherwise, there might be neighborhood pools around. Your local YMCA should be a good bet. If you can’t make it to the pool, fill up the bath tub and soak your feet in cold water. You can even take a refreshing cold shower to cool off.

Freeze stuff

Your freezer still works, so use it to your advantage with these tricks:

Make popsicles All you need to make homemade popsicles is some fruit juice, popsicle sticks, molds, and a few other simple ingredients. Real Simple has some great homemade freeze pop recipes that you and your family can try.

Freeze towels These aren’t as exciting as popsicles, but they come in handy. Put wet towels in the freezer for a little bit so you can hold them against your skin to help you cool off.

Use ice packs Toss some ice packs in the freezer and take them out for bedtime. It’ll be like snuggling with an icy cold teddy bear.

Avoid cooking

No need to use the oven or the stove, as that will just warm the house up even more. Stick to cold cuts and picnic foods; or go out for a family dinner at an air conditioned restaurant.

Adjust your ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are cheap, energy-efficient ways to help circulate air in your home. What many people don’t realize about fans is that their rotations should be changed as the seasons change: counterclockwise in the summer and clockwise in the winter. During the fall and winter, they should be blowing warm air down. In the spring and summer, they should be blowing cool air down. Most ceiling fans have a small switch on them which allows you to make this adjustment.

Wear cotton

Cotton is a breathable fabric, so it will help you feel cooler than most other clothing materials. Avoid wearing clothes made with polyester, which can be a very uncomfortable fabric in warm weather.

Stay hydrated

Drink lots of cold fluids! Ice water, iced tea, iced coffee and other cold drinks will help you keep cool, and keep you from losing too much moisture if you’re sweating.

Stay low

Remember, heat rises: Main floors or basements are much cooler and will have less heat than higher floors in your home. If you have to hang around your hot house during air conditioning repairs, stick to the lower levels.

Turn off the lights

In addition to sunlight, many house lights can generate heat. Fluorescent and incandescent bulbs give off heat, making a hot room feel even hotter when they’re on. Keep the lights off, or switch to modern LED or CFL lights. These bulbs are also more efficient, so you’ll feel cooler and save on utilities.

If your AC needs a tune-up, or if you’re interested in a new unit, the NATE-certified technicians at SMO Energy can provide air conditioning installation and repairs, to ensure that your AC is operating at optimum levels. You and your family will be able to enjoy the comfort of your cool home in no time.