What Can I Do If One of My Rooms is Always Cold?

Does it seem like one room in your home is noticeably colder than the rest of the house? This is a common issue that’s easily remedied once you identify the problem. Here’s what you can do to warm up that chilly room:

Check for Simple Problems

There could be a number of benign issues contributing to your cold room. Check that all heating vents are open and not blocked by furniture. Also, make sure your vents are clean – too much dust and debris can make it hard for the heat to fill the room.

Check your heating vents to make sure they're working correctly.Make sure your heating vents are open, clean and not blocked by furniture.

Next, take a look at the thermostat. It shouldn’t be located in a space that gets warm quickly, such as right above the heater. This will give your furnace false information about how warm your room actually is. If your thermostat is broken, you’ll need a replacement. Consider a smart thermometer that you can adjust from your phone and can learn your heating preferences over time.

Make Sure It’s Not Your Windows or Doors

If your cold room is also the one with the big bay window or the patio door, these might be the culprits. Use plastic sheeting to insulate windows, or weather stripping to secure doorways and window panes against cold air seeping in or warm air creeping out.

If there’s an exterior entrance you need to use regularly, use a foam or fabric barrier at the foot of the door to prevent heat loss. Conversely, if the door to this room is an interior one, keep it open to let the heat from the rest of your home waft inside.

Consider Supplemental Heat Sources

If none of these potential issues is the problem at hand, don’t worry – there’s still hope to warm up your perpetually cold room.

Option 1: A mini-split ductless system
Ductless systems allow homeowners to adjust the temperature in just one room, as opposed to the entire home. They’re simple to install, and require just a small hole in one wall. Through this hole, a thin tube will connect an indoor and an outdoor unit.

Option 2: Install a gas fireplace
Another option for added warmth to your cold room is to install a fireplace. This will provide a cozy warmth and glow that you’ll love to relax with. A gas fireplace is ideal because it eliminates health concerns associated with wood fireplaces, plus it’s easier to use and much cleaner than their wood-fueled counterparts.

SMO Energy Can Warm Up Your Coldest Room

Whether you’ve decided a mini-split ductless system or a gas fireplace is your solution – or if you’re not quite sure which would be best for your home – a call to SMO Energy can help get the process started. Our experts can take a look at your chilly room and determine the true cause and offer a viable remedy. Reach out before the coldest days strike so you can have a comfortable winter this year.

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