Commercial Propane


SMO Energy makes using propane gas for your business easy. With an all-inclusive price-per-gallon (no hidden fees), we provide customizable commercial propane programs to meet your budget and keep your business running smoothly.

Our commercial propane experts will partner with you to identify the best solutions for your specific business. Whether you are new to propane or are expanding your propane use, our commercial team will help you optimize your fuel efficiency and maximize your cost savings.

Full-Service Commercial Propane Provider for:

  • Restaurants
  • Forklifts
  • Landscaping
  • Agriculture (grain dryers)
  • Hot water
  • Construction
  • Greenhouses
  • Heating
  • Pools
  • Generators

We work closely with industry experts and are actively involved in associations that support various industries like horticulture and landscaping, restaurants, construction/excavating, and agriculture.

No matter which industries your business operates in, we offer various commercial programs to make your propane usage worry-free:

  • Flexible plans to meet your business needs
  • Options for tank leasing or ownership
  • Automatic delivery
  • Tank monitoring to ensure you have propane when you need it

Propane is a great alternative to all-electric systems. If you are considering switching to propane from an electric system, you are in the right place. SMO Energy makes this process simple and handles all the conversion work for you.

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 Why Use Commercial Propane for Your Business?

Along with our flexible propane plans, easy conversion processes, and worry-free delivery programs, there are many benefits to using propane for your business:


Switching to propane from an all-electric system can greatly reduce your annual energy costs. Combine the efficiency of propane with SMO’s flexible payment plans, and your business will see significant savings on your annual energy bills!


Propane is non-toxic and won’t harm its surrounding environment in the event of a spill or leak. An odor is added to the gas before being delivered to you, so you can quickly detect leaks or spills.


Propane can be used in a variety of ways across almost any industry. It can be used for cooking, heating your building, heating pools, fueling generators, heating greenhouses, and much more. Our commercial propane experts can help you identify all areas of your business that could benefit from using propane.


The need for businesses to be environmentally friendly is continuously increasing. Switching to propane, one of the most environmentally-friendly fuel options available, can help you meet this need while reducing your energy costs.

Advantages of Working With SMO Energy for Commercial Propane Delivery

As a business, we understand the challenge and time commitment of managing your company and ensuring it offers a level of products and service that meet your quality standards. That’s why we’re always working to enhance the advantages we provide as a commercial propane supplier.

Commercial propane delivery from our experienced team at SMO Energy includes several benefits:

  • Delivery programs: Choose from one of our delivery programs, which include will-call, scheduled and automatic to fit your needs and budget. Because we maintain and operate a sizable fleet of delivery trucks, you can trust we’ll deliver your propane on time and when you need it, which keeps your business operational and eliminates downtime.
  • Fast delivery: Our team understands that your company depends on propane, which is why our deliveries are quick and efficient. Even if you need propane that day or the next, our team can make it work. For same or next-day delivery, we recommend placing your commercial propane service request online.
  • Upfront pricing: Hidden fees or charges are not a part of our business at SMO Energy. Our prices are upfront and transparent, which does away with the risk or fear of receiving an invoice littered with hidden commercial propane delivery charges that were absent from your initial quote.
  • Online services: We provide an online portal that lets you manage your account and place delivery orders. You can also access and update your account information, like your address or contact number, to make it even easier for us to fulfill your commercial propane delivery request.
  • Flexible payments: As a local commercial propane supplier with decades of experience, we’ve learned that every company has its unique operation and payment procedures, which is why we offer flexible payment plans. Just pick the one that fits your budget and then schedule your order — our drivers will take care of the rest.
  • Reliable support: For every business account, we provide a designated customer support representative. That way, when you call or have questions — no matter the day or time — you can trust you’ll talk to someone who’s familiar with your company and needs. This makes receiving commercial propane service even easier.

Another benefit of working with the SMO Energy family is the knowledge of the staff you interact with, from the drivers and energy consultants to our customer care representatives. All of them are experienced when it comes to our services and can answer your questions confidently and address any concerns. Plus, they’re always courteous and professional and are often a part of the local Maryland community.

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At SMO Energy, our history with the business community of Southern Maryland goes back more than nine decades. Over those 90 years, we’ve provided our commercial propane delivery service to Charles, Anne Arundel, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Calvert, St. Mary’s County and many orther areas. And within those areas, we’ve built a reputation as a commercial propane supplier you can trust and depend on for quality, customer-focused service.

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