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SMO Energy is proud to serve the heating and cooling needs of Annapolis, Maryland. Whether it’s repairing your furnace, providing an annual tune up on your heat pump, or replacing your air conditioning system, we are here to take care of all your heating and cooling needs.

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About Annapolis, Maryland

Annapolis is an Anne Arundel County city that proudly serves as Maryland’s capital city. The city is situated on the Chesapeake Bay at the mouth of the Severn River. In the latest census, its population was over 38,000 people. As part of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, it sits about 25 miles from Baltimore and about 30 miles from Washington, D.C.

Annapolis is the proud home of the United States Naval Academy, which is one of the many attractions that bring many visitors to the city throughout the year. The city is also known for having an active community theater presence in its historic district. The Colonial Players theater and the Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre both provide thrilling performances for local residents and visitors throughout the year. Annapolis also has a rich history that they like to share with visitors through their local museums including the Banneker-Douglass Museum that documents the history of African Americans in Maryland and Preble Hall that showcases European and American naval history.

Annapolis is part of the Atlantic Coastal Plain and is in a humid subtropical climate zone. Winter tends to be slightly milder than Maryland cities farther west, but can still average temperatures below freezing in the winter months. This is why it is important for Annapolis residents to invest in high quality heating systems. An efficient, powerful heating system will help residents stay comfortable in their homes with the unpredictable and varying winter temperatures.

Although the average high temperature in July is only 86 degrees, temperatures have been known to spike above 100 degrees. July also tends to be one of Annapolis’s rainiest months of the year, which can lead to high humidity when combined with the hot temperatures. In these conditions, Annapolis residents can stay cool and comfortable in their homes with an efficient air conditioner and indoor air quality system that can help balance the humidity and reduce allergens in the air indoors.