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SMO Energy has been proudly serving the La Plata area since 1926. Whether you need a furnace repair, annual maintenance on your water heater, improved indoor air quality, or a new air conditioning system, we make sure you are 100% satisfied with all of our work.

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About La Plata, Maryland

La Plata is a Charles County, Maryland town that also serves as the county seat. As of the last census, the town had a population of over 8,700 residents. Although the exact origin of the town is unconfirmed, it is said to be named by Colonel Samuel Chapman whose family owned land in Charles County. La Plata is well known for two major tornadoes that devastated the town. The first devastating tornado was in 1926, and the second being an F4 tornado in 2002 that damaged many of the towns buildings. Following the devastation of the 2002 tornado, the town received overwhelming assistance from surrounding areas to rebuild itself, including the town hall which was Southern Maryland’s first LEED building.

La Plata is comprised mostly of residential communities whose residents commute to nearby Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Andrews Air Force Base, and Naval Air Station Patuxent River. The town has been experiencing an exciting transformation into a thriving business and commercial center as many of the reconstructed buildings after the tornado were made for commercial use. La Plata residents can also enjoy several attractions like Tilghman Lake Park, the La Plata Train Station Museum, and the nearby Thomas Stone National Historic Site.

The town is part of a humid subtropical climate. Winters in La Plata are generally mild, but occasional snow storms and below-freezing weather can still be expected. For this reason, residents need to be prepared for sudden temperature drops and make sure their heating equipment is in peak working condition. Along with replacing your old, inefficient heating equipment, it is recommended for residents to get an annual tune-up on their heating equipment to keep it running smoothly.

When the temperatures increase during the summer, La Plata also sees a rise in humidity levels that can make spending time outdoors uncomfortable. When these hot and humid conditions keep residents indoors during the summer, it is crucial that your air conditioning system is in top condition. Replacing your old air conditioner with a new, more efficient system or scheduling annual tune-ups for your equipment can help make sure you get the cool relief you need in your home. Indoor air quality systems are also recommended to control humidity levels and reduce allergens in the air that circulates through your home.