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About Waldorf, Maryland

Waldorf is an unincorporated town located in Charles County, MD. As of 2010, its quickly-growing population had reached almost 68,000 residents. One of the many reasons the community attracts so many residents is its proximity to Washington, D.C. – which is only 23 miles north of Waldorf. Originally named Beantown, the name was changed to “Waldorf” in 1880 to honor William Waldorf Astor, great-grandson of John Jacob Astor.

One of Waldorf’s many interesting attractions is the Dr. Samual A. Mudd House Museum, where visitors can learn about the doctor who treated John Wilkes Booth the morning after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Although Waldorf is a rapidly developing area, there are still several farms in the surrounding communities for residents to visit like Shlagel Farms (a major strawberry farm) and Middleton’s Cedar Hill Farm. Waldorf is also surrounded by several beautiful recreational areas like Cedarville State Forest, Fort Washington Park, and Piscataway Park.

Waldorf is part of a humid subtropical climate, and can be subject to high humidity levels in the summer months. When these hot and humid conditions keep residents indoors during the summer, an efficient air conditioner is crucial to stay comfortable and improve indoor air quality.

Winters in Waldorf tend to be milder, but can still bring cold temperatures that can drop below freezing. A properly functioning and efficient heating system is crucial to making sure Waldorf residents stay comfortable and warm throughout the winter.