SMO Price Protection Terms and Conditions

  1. The Price Protection enrollment fee is nonrefundable.
  2. This pricing agreement covers fuel oil gallons purchased from SMO only.
  3. All payments must be received in accordance with the credit terms established on your account. The credit terms assigned to your account are subject to change at the discretion of SMO. If payments are not received according to specified terms, this agreement may be terminated at the option of SMO and all associated discounts and/or fees would be forfeited.
  4. Payments are due by the date indicated on the invoice. I/We understand and agree that any credit granted shall be paid promptly in accordance with terms and agreements, that the credit grantor may add one and one half percent (1.5%) per month to any balance owed, and in the event of default to pay, reasonable collection charges, court costs, and/or attorney fees may be added up to thirty percent (30%) of the balance owed.”
  5. In the event that you vacate your home, this pricing agreement can be transferred to the new occupant (provided they become an SMO client). This pricing agreement cannot be transferred from an existing property location.
  6. This agreement is exclusive of any taxes. Taxes will be added to the final contract price as well as each fuel oil gallon delivered (if applicable).
  7. This agreement is subject to any act of government related to the supply or price of oil/fuel. The agreement is also subject to market conditions, any natural phenomenon, strike, embargo, disaster, or Act of God which may interrupt, limit, or halt the supply of No. 2 heating oil, temporarily or permanently.
  8. This agreement and pricing program will remain in effect for 12 months following the date of program enrollment.
  9. The Price Protection enrollment fee may be rolled into Client’s SmartPay Plan, otherwise the enrollment fee will be applied towards your account balance in the month of enrollment.
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