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If you need heating oil delivery for your furnace, we have the solution for you. We are more than just a heating oil delivery company. We are a full-service home comfort provider, and we can guide you through the entire heating oil process — from finding the appropriate tank for your home and connecting all of your appliances to the system, to suggesting any necessary home heating equipment.

If you are currently using propane or electricity and are interested in switching to heating oil, our knowledgeable energy consultants are ready and waiting with a variety of conversion options to meet your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Heating Oil

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Yes! It is possible to convert your system to heating oil from propane electric heat. If you are interested in learning more about converting your system, please contact us today to schedule a free energy consultation and one of our energy experts will be happy to discuss options for your home. 

Yes! SMO Energy is currently offering a discount when you sign up for a new account with us! Call us at 888-225-1022 today to see how much you can save!

Yes! With our free SmartPay program, you can keep your energy costs down during the coldest months of the year by spreading your energy costs into lower, monthly payments. 

With SmartPay, your expected fuel, service agreement, and tank lease fee expenses for the year will be divided over 12 months, which translates to low monthly payments. This is our most popular payment program.

To calculate your monthly payment, we use your delivery history to estimate the total number of gallons you will need for the year. We then combine that cost with the cost of any service plans or tank lease fees to estimate your monthly payment amount. You don’t need to worry about using less fuel than we’ve budgeted for because you can always request a refund on the remaining balance. Periodically SMO Energy will review your actual spend to your projected spend and will adjust your SmartPay payments to align the two. The best part –there is no cost to enroll in this program!

If desired, you may also choose to enroll in our SmartPay Plus program to save even more! This program allows you to autopay so you won’t have to worry about sending in your SmartPay payment each month. With this convenient program, your payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account or credit card on the 26th of each month. There are no fees to enroll in the SmartPay Plus program.

Yes! We are a full HVAC company, with a wide variety of services for the comfort of your home. We provide heating oil tank warranty for the protection of your home and the environment. This heating oil tank protection service is available for an annual fee and it includes the following:
  • Yearly tank inspection from a certified technician
  • Up to a $1,000 warranty coverage for a new tank
  • Up to $1,000 credit towards a propane conversion

View our Heating Oil Tank Warranty

SMO Energy offers a variety of heating oil delivery options. This includes automatic and will-call fuel delivery options to meet your home needs and lifestyle. With our automatic delivery service, we monitor your heating oil usage and schedule oil delivery according to your home’s unique heating needs.

We carry a wide variety of tanks including Roth tanks for your convenience. Roth tanks are industry-leading double-walled tanks that provide maximum protection against heating oil leaks. We have in-house financing, including 0% financing* options for heating oil tank and other HVAC equipment replacement. 

Many people wonder whether heating oil is a safe option for heating a home. Here are a few answers to some of the most common propane safety questions:

Is it easy for a heating oil tank to explode?

No. Exploding, imploding or ruptured tanks are extremely rare. While many people have seen exploding tanks on television or in a movie, this is nearly impossible under normal operating conditions. There are numerous safety mechanisms in place to prevent accidents, explosions, ruptures or breaches to the heating oil tank.

Is running out of heating oil dangerous?

No. While running out of heating oil will not damage your furnace, it’s not great for the system, either. It is always best to keep your heating oil tank filled and monitored by your fuel provider. If you are monitoring your heating oil tank, it is best to not let the tank go below 25 percent of the tank capacity.

If your system runs out of heating oil, the furnace may shut off and a technician will need to make a visit to your home to bleed the oil line.

Heating oil is cleaner, more efficient, and safer than ever for the comfort of your home. It burns many degrees hotter than other energy sources, keeping your home toasty and warm all winter. 

Modifying or performing DIY repairs on your heating oil system are not recommended for safety reasons. Any repairs or modifications to any part of a heating oil system should be done by a licensed professional or propane company. In some instances, modifying your heating oil system can be illegal. If you live in Southern Maryland, give SMO Energy a call at 888-225-1022 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Why Choose SMO Energy For Heating Oil Delivery?

Expert advice to help you choose the best solution for your home

Our team of expert energy consultants knows that each home needs a unique solution. With decades of industry experience, our extensive knowledge of heating and cooling equipment as well as a range of energy sources, allows us to provide better insight into your total energy use than you would get from other companies.

Quality service from our team of highly trained experts

When it comes to your home’s heating oil needs, we send our Heating Oil Specialist to meet with you personally and survey your home for the safest place to install your heating oil tank, as well as survey the current placement of an existing heating oil tank. At this time, the specialist will also review all appliances that need to be connected to the tank, as well as future plans for additional appliances that may need to be connected to your heating oil tank.​

Satisfaction guarantee on your installation

We stand behind all of our work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Whether you place your heating oil delivery order online or by phone, you can count on our same or next-day delivery. We manage these fast delivery times by maintaining a large fleet of delivery trucks. We are also committed to providing transparent propane prices and have zero hidden fees so all you pay is the price per gallon.

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