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Everything You Need To Know About Tankless Water Heaters

If you enjoy taking hot showers or doing the dishes and laundry, you are probably grateful for your hot water heater. These devices are an essential part of the modern home, but they are often unsung heroes. Fortunately, energy specialists did not forget about the water heater. In fact, as with all great inventions, modern water has been greatly improved [...]

10 Winter Energy Saving Tips

As it continues to get colder, it's important to ensure that you're not wasting heat. Here are 10 tips to help you keep your home heated and keep your energy bills low: Use the sun to your advantage Even in the winter, the sun can warm your home. To maximize this effect, open the curtains to all of your south-facing windows during the day and then close [...]

Your Guide to Home Energy When Renovating

Your Guide to Home Energy When Renovating
Considering a home renovation? You are in good company. In 2015, homeowners in the U.S. spent around $340 billion on home renovation projects.There are many reasons why you might renovate your home, among them, are a desire to improve the energy efficiency of your property and save money on heating and cooling. Learn more about the benefits of renovating [...]

Spring Home Maintenance Tasks to Tackle This Season

Scheduling HVAC maintenance every spring can help your air conditioner last longer.
  Now that spring is here, homeowners everywhere are taking stock of their properties and identifying areas to fix up before summer. Spring cleaning can be a big undertaking, so we've put together a simple spring home maintenance checklist to get you started. 1. Change Your AC Filter As the mercury continues to creep up, you'll soon want to turn [...]

How a Mini-Split Can Make Your Home Addition More Comfortable

More families are living with multiple generations under one roof.
  Multigenerational households are becoming more popular in the U.S. As of 2014, nearly 1 in 5 households had more than one generation living under one roof, the highest percentage since the 1950s, according to Pew Research Center. The multigenerational household looks different for each family. Sometimes a grandparent lives with an adult [...]

Reduce Your Energy Bill With a High-Efficiency Furnace

A high efficiency furnace installation can help contribute to a comfortable, healthier home environment.
The new year is here, and many people have their resolutions in place. As you strive to improve your health, career or finances, consider setting some goals for your home too. Here's one New Year's resolution that can boost the comfort of your home, as well as cut your energy bill and maybe even contribute to a healthier home environment: [...]

Your Summer Home Generator Guide

Are you ready for summer storm season with a backup generator?
Summertime means more than backyard barbecues and trips to the beach. It also means preparing for summer storms. Hurricane season along the Atlantic Ocean is from June to November, which may mean extreme wind and rain over the summer months. Meanwhile, thunderstorms in Maryland occur once every five days on average during July and August. Summer [...]

Save more than daylight this spring: Energy and safety opportunities

Spring into the new season and enhance your home's energy savings.
It makes sense to revamp your home's energy strategy come daylight savings time, as this policy was created to maximize energy savings in the first place. While "when is daylight savings time" may be the most popular question people ask, the basic idea of it stretches back thousands of years. Our modern variation can be attributed to World War I, when it [...]

Simple ways to take your business green

Going green is a hot topic today. It is an issue that many people are very passionate about, and it has led a number of businesses to make an effort to go green as well.
Going green is a hot topic today. It is an issue that many people are very passionate about, and it has led a number of businesses to make an effort to go green as well. In addition to saving the environment, taking the initiative to be more environmentally friendly can be a huge public relations boost for your business and can save your company money. If [...]
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