More than 90 years ago, our family-owned business began its journey to becoming an industry leader and progressive service provider for total home comfort. Across Southern Maryland, generations of businesses and homeowners have trusted SMO Energy for all their heating and cooling needs because we treat them like family.

The Values of SMO Energy

When Jim Wills and Harold Swann formed Southern Maryland Oil (SMO), they did it with the intention of providing courteous and efficient service, which later served as the basis for our core values. The six service values that guide our team are:

About Us


As a customer, you want to do business with someone who is honest and open. That’s why our specialists, technicians, and representatives are always candid with you about our services, appliances and more.


At SMO Energy, we are passionate about what we do. We love helping our customers, whether it’s ensuring their home is heated, assisting them during an emergency or consulting with them about transitioning from heating oil to propane.


Anyone can provide a service, but our goal at Southern Maryland Oil is to make it seamless. From installing a new propane appliance and heating system to delivering your heating fuel, our team makes the process hassle-free.


No matter the weather or day of the week, our team always greets you with a smile. It’s another way we help you feel a part of the SMO Energy family and remind you that we value your decision to choose us from all the other Southern Maryland oil companies.


We combine our seamless service, passion and courtesy to deliver an unmatched commitment. Our team is always ready to go the extra mile for you and your family, whether it’s restoring your heating system during an emergency or reviewing potential replacements for your existing propane tank.


Our signature value is treating you like family. As a family-owned business with roots in the Southern Maryland community, we feel a connection with the families and companies throughout the area, especially when we’ve been serving them for generations.

The Service of SMO Energy

With these guiding values, we’ve created a series of high-quality delivery and heating and cooling servicesWhile our range of services varies, when you choose SMO Energy for your heating fuel needs, you can expect:

    • Free delivery — When you need heating oil or propane, we deliver it without charge. With our large fleet of trucks, we also make it possible to fill your tank on the same or following day without any additional cost.
    • Affordable prices — Fluctuations in the price of heating fuel can leave you with unpredictable heating bills each month. By offering affordable, competitive rates and our free SmartPay Budget Plan, we make your monthly bills low and even provide you with an additional discount for automatic payments.
    • Premium heating fuel — At SMO Energy, we take pride that our price-per-gallon is affordable and that our delivery is free. Our customers also value the fact that our heating fuel is high-quality and heats their home or business efficiently.
    • Zero hidden fees — Other Southern Maryland oil companies include delivery fees plus hidden charges. At SMO Energy, we make purchasing heating fuel simple. No delivery fees. No hidden costs. All you pay for is your propane or heating oil and nothing more.
    • Flexible ordering — We understand our customers have different preferences when it comes to ordering heating fuel. That’s why we offer three different scheduling options. First, you can order as needed. Second, you can set up deliveries on a schedule that fits your calendar. Third, you can use our automatic delivery service to make sure your tank is always full.
    • Expert team members — When it comes to heating your home, you want a team of professionals. From our representatives and drivers to our technicians and specialists, our team members are experts at what they do. If you have questions or concerns, they’re always ready to help you.

Trust Southern Maryland Oil for All Your Heating Needs

At Southern Maryland Oil, our passion for serving the communities of Maryland is unwavering. We love helping our SMO Energy family, from delivering their heating fuel to installing their newest tank. And we’re excited about helping yours and welcoming you into our family.

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