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How To Tell If Your Home Is Too Humid

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an individual home should be kept under 60 percent humidity throughout the summer months and between 25 and 40 percent during the winter season. By using a simple hygrometer, you can test the air's moisture content on your own. Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor in a [...]

3 Ways To Stay Cool Without Overloading The AC In Your Home

While you will certainly be using your air conditioner throughout the summer, you do not want your energy bills to skyrocket over the next few months. The key to keep this from happening is to supplement the air conditioner with cool air from other sources within your home. It probably seems like a great idea to crank up the AC to cool your house, but [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Annual Water Heater Maintenance

A good water heater is something that people often take for granted. Even if your water heater is working fine, you should still schedule maintenance every year. Like any home equipment, annual maintenance is a great way to catch any potential problems early on and make sure the unit is running at peak efficiency. In addition to preventing any headaches [...]

Bigger Is Not Always Better: How to Find The Correct AC For Your Home

Bigger AC Doesn't Necessarily Mean Better AC A professional can help you choose the right size air conditioner system for your home. If you’re thinking about what kind of air conditioner unit to install this summer, you may be wondering about just how big it’s going to need to be. There are different sized air conditioners, and many homeowners think [...]

How To Choose: Window Units or Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners?

When the temperatures get hot, people search for the most effective ways to keep their homes cool and comfortable. Many homeowners without central air conditioning systems elect to utilize windows units to cool their homes and apartments. However, these homeowners may be better off installing a ductless mini split unit in their properties. Take a look below [...]

Make Sure Your AC Unit Is In Tip-Top Shape

The weather is heating up, and it will be summer before you know it. A good air conditioner is important to keep your family cool during the hottest days of the year. Has your A/C had its annual tune-up yet? Now is the time to check your air conditioner system to make sure it is operating effectively. The last thing that you want is to be stuck on the [...]

5 Ways To Conceal Your Propane Tank

Propane is an amazing fuel source for home heating and appliances. It's safe, efficient, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective. Unfortunately, many people pass up on the opportunity to use this fuel source because of how it's stored: in tanks. The tanks are installed outside of your home. Many homeowners consider them unsightly, but they really [...]

Why Investing In A Standby Generator Is Smart For Your Home

You need power for lights, heat and essential appliances to keep everyone comfortable and safe. So much of our daily lives depend on a power source. It’s something we tend to take for granted, and it could be taken away from us without warning.Your home could lose power from a number of disturbances—lightning strikes, ice, power surges, wind, flooding [...]

How Does Oil Heat My Home?

Across the U.S., just under six million households rely on oil as their source of heat. Although other heating fuel options are available, such as natural gas, propane gas and electricity, some people prefer oil heat. If your home currently uses oil for heating fuel or if you are considering switching to it from another type of heating system, it's [...]

When Should You Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Spring is almost here! If you're getting prepared for the spring and summer weather, you've probably thought about how you're going to keep cool. Are you going to use your same air conditioner system, or upgrade to a new one? The answer can depend on a number of factors. How old is your current unit? How well does it work? Does it seem like you always [...]
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