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Reasons You Need an Energy Consultation

When it comes to your home, you have many options for handling problems. You can mask issues by treating the symptoms, such as cranking up the thermostat to make a drafty home feel warmer. Or, you can get to the heart of the problem, pinpointing exactly what is going on and taking steps to fix it. The first step toward a more energy-efficient and [...]

Monitoring Your Home’s Energy Efficiency and Usage

There are many reasons why you might want to reduce the amount of energy your home uses. Using less energy can mean more money in your bank account. The average home in the U.S. spends more than $2,000 per year to heat and cool their homes, heat water, keep the lights on and power equipment and electronics. In Maryland, the average monthly [...]

Top 10 Tips for Picking the Right Furnace for Your Home

One of the things that should be at the top of your home maintenance to-do list is servicing your home's heater. In the course of servicing your furnace, you may discover that it is not operating the way it used to. It might not be putting out the level of heat you need, or maybe it is not heating at all. Perhaps last winter's energy bills [...]

How to Calculate Your Heating Oil Costs per Month

To keep your home warm during the winter months, it is crucial to have a well-fueled and functional heating system. Heating your home in the winter, regardless of how your home is heated, can be one of your most costly living expenses. To keep these costs under control, you need to know how to calculate your daily and monthly usage.Regarding [...]

Should I Replace or Fix My Air Conditioning System?

Is your air conditioner acting up? Maybe it is making a loud, unusual noise or maybe it is not cooling your house as well as it once did. You might not be sure how old the system is, as it might have been in the house when you purchased it.  While regular tune-ups and maintenance can help you prolong the life of your air conditioner, [...]

Our Top Winter HVAC Tips

With winter just beginning, it's important that your home's HVAC system can handle the inevitable cold fronts in the coming months. Here are some tips to make sure your HVAC system is ready for the winter: Check the Filter Filters may not seem like much at first, but they play a huge role in the effectiveness and efficiency of your home heating [...]

How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Heating Equipment

Is your heating system barely hanging on? Most heating systems can last about 15-20 years, but this number can greatly fluctuate based on your usage and how well it’s been cleaned and maintained over the years. So how do you know when it’s time to replace your system? When it comes to your heating system, it’s always better to be proactive. It’s [...]

How To Save On Energy Costs This Winter

For many, winter is an enjoyable time of year. The holiday season is in full swing, family comes to visit and there are perfect conditions for snow sports and activities. However, the winter can also bring with it higher energy costs. In fact, for some households, the monthly billing can increase by about $30, according to the Kotzebue Electric Association. [...]

How You Can Use Duct and Register Fans To Increase HVAC Circulation

As Douglas Trattner explains in an article for Houselogic, homes that frequently have cold spots during the winter or hot spots during the summer may be suffering from poor ductwork. While your HVAC itself may be working properly, problematic ductwork may be negatively affecting your home's comfort and the energy bills that go with it.Trattner expands on [...]

8 Home Insulation Tips

Are you spending a lot of money on heating but you find that your home isn't as warm as you want it to be? The problem may not be with your heating system, but rather with your attic.Because hot air rises, heat tends to keep going, even after passing your ceiling. In fact, according to the DIY Network, 85 percent of a house's heat escapes straight up [...]
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