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Your Trusted Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Supplier in Maryland

SMO Energy partners with major oil refining companies such as Exxon-Mobil, Citgo, and Shell, as well as several other independent unbranded suppliers. As a premiere motor fuel supplier in the Mid-Atlantic region, our multiple supply sources allow us to offer you flexible pricing and product options, as well as provide you with the assurance that we will always have fuel available for you.

At SMO Energy, with our tank monitoring option, you can view your motor fuel inventory at all times. Our customizable tank monitoring mobile app provides you with data on your motor fuel levels 24/7. This operational control minimizes the risk of running out of fuel, which helps you avoid unnecessary downtime and loss of revenue for your business.


Whether you are looking for branded or unbranded gasoline, SMO Energy offers a wide variety of options that are competitively priced to meet your budget planning. With your gasoline supply, we can also provide storage tanks and fuel management. SMO Energy provides safe deliveries in a timely manner to help you avoid running out of commercial diesel fuel and to keep your business moving.

Diesel: On Road & Off Road

Our diverse diesel offerings provide you with everything you need to run your operations. SMO Energy offers all diesel blends in bulk delivery right to your business, marina, or job site. Whether you need 100 gallons or 7,500 gallons or more, our integrated network of transportation carriers ensures that you get the bulk diesel fuels you need. To completely fulfill your fuel needs, we also provide solutions for your Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) demands, as well as winterized diesel when available.

We specialize in a wide variety of Industries, including fleets, excavating & construction, marinas, retail, gas stations, storage & moving, and transportation.

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    Benefits of Diesel Fuel Delivery to Your Business

    With a diverse history of providing commercial and bulk amounts of diesel and gasoline to multiple industries, we’ve learned what companies and business owners want when it comes to their bulk fuel delivery: convenience, ease and honesty. That’s why we’ve adapted our commercial fuel services to offer the benefits our customers want the most.

    The advantages of choosing SMO Energy as your commercial fuel supplier include:

    • Direct pricing: When you open an invoice for a diesel or gasoline delivery to your business, you don’t want to see hidden fees or charges from your commercial diesel or gasoline supplier. And at SMO Energy, we agree. That’s why our prices are transparent — what you see is what you get.
    • Customized motor fuel delivery programs: Every company differs in its fuel usage and needs, which is why we’ve created several different bulk fuel delivery programs. Whether you need gasoline for commercial vehicles throughout the year or diesel for farm equipment on a seasonal basis, you can find the right program for you. Some of the delivery programs we offer include scheduled, automatic or will-call.
    • Flexible payments for motor fuel delivery: As your gasoline and diesel fuel supplier for your Maryland locations, you can set up flexible payments that match your company’s unique operations and payment cycles. Our payment plans also make it easy and hassle-free to request commercial fuel service for your location.
    • Dependable diesel fuel delivery: When your business depends on commercial diesel fuel or gasoline to operate, it’s essential you have a commercial gasoline or diesel supplier who delivers your orders on-schedule. With our extensive fleet of delivery trucks and experienced drivers, we ensure every drop-off is made when you need it. For some orders, we can provide same or next-day delivery.
    • Exclusive online account: Managing your account information and orders for commercial diesel fuel and gasoline can be time-consuming when you have to call, state your request and schedule a delivery date. That’s why we provide you with an online account. Here, you can place orders for commercial and bulk amounts of gasoline and diesel fuel as well as edit any of your account information.
    • Dedicated account manager: Alongside your SMO Energy account, we also provide you with a dedicated account manager. Whether you have questions or concerns about your commercial fuel service, they’re available to take your call and help. And no matter what day or time you call, one of our customer support representatives is always ready to answer.

    Through our exceptional team of drivers, representatives and other staff members, we deliver quality service as well as gasoline and diesel fuel. Our dedication to always improve our customer services is why we’ve become — and continue to be — a go-to commercial fuel company for Maryland businesses.

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    With more than 124 years of experience as a local business, SMO Energy is the trusted gasoline and diesel fuel supplier for Southern Maryland. Our courteous service and high-quality fuels continue to set us apart from other fuel delivery companies in the area. We’ve become the leading choice for businesses in search of a trusted, long-term partner for commercial fuel.

    Get in touch with one of our commercial representatives to learn how SMO Energy Motor Fuels can benefit your business.